In the summer of 2009 a diverse group of people from Australia, France, Nigeria, Scotland, Columbia, Zambia, Congo, Armenia and England met for the first time in Central London.

Always on the look out for new experiences, they decided to spend the summer of 2010 together on the sunny shores of Torrevieja in  Alicante, Spain.

Here they explored, laughed, danced and ate together! What they didn’t expect was the opportunity to sing for a local church and have the neighbourhood organise a street party to celebrate their visit!

This unique travel experience set something new in motion and formed the 'Holiday Gang!'

Every year the group continued to travel together, discovering new cultures and fanning the flames of a growing desire to learn about the world beyond their own back garden.

After Torrevieja came Malta, Croatia, Portugal then Greece. During this time the idea of a travel brand emerged. One that would encourage others to travel and explore new places together.


The name Tråvvú phonetically derives from the word travel and exists in the Indian dialect of Telugu. త్రవ్వు (Travvu) which means 'Innumerable' had a name, logo and even mock-up promotional material. Yet still in its infancy it had form but no real function.

That was until the summer of 2015 when the group's holiday organiser was assigned a mission to take 50 members of the Hillsong Velocity community to the Adriatic coastal town of Split in Croatia!

With the success of this holiday, Tråvvú found the wind beneath it's wings and continued to organise group holidays to beautiful destinations such as Sicily, The Riviera in South of France, Malta, Marrakesh in North Africa and so on. Each with group sizes ranging from 30 - 75 tourists!

Today the Tråvvú team is still learning and growing in experience. Increasing their range of holiday destinations and branching out into new areas of tourism. It will always be the mission of Travvú to serve local communities and build group travel experiences for like minded people.

This is how we bring people from around the world and different walks of life together in harmony. Just as the Holiday Gang did in the summer of 2010.

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André Graver  |  Founder  |  @dreldn