Privacy Policy

At Tråvvú we have always understood that protecting your privacy and data is important. At all times we respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. Legislation aimed at giving you more control over this is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

General Information

We neither sell or exploit your information. Nor do we contact you about anything other than our travel lifestyle information.


Core Information

When you sign up for our holidays, data such as your name, age, gender and food requirements help us facilitate your holiday experience. For example, knowing your food allergies help us provide a suitable meal for you.

Sensitive Information

Crucial information such as your Next of Kin details, passport issuing country, address and contact numbers are extremely valuable to us in an emergency situation. Without this crucial information, we could not provide you with a satisfactory level of service or care.

By joining our holidays and providing your details, you are allowing us to process this information for your holiday. Once the holiday has ended, we will discard all sensitive information and only contact you regarding travel information as noted on sign up. As a member, at anytime you are able to delete your account. If you have issues finding this option in your account please contact us via email to make your request.

Tråvvú will only contact you for travel related purposes including your holiday bookings, destination literature and early-bird passes to our future summer & winter holidays.

Media Recording

One of our core strengths is visuals. We have always captured moments on our holidays. You would have seen this in all the promotional material for the holiday are attending. You also would have seen the holiday video you starred in after your own trip with us!

This content allows us to show others the great time they can have on a Tråvvú Holiday and provide you with free professional videos and images to keep. These images and videos can initially be found on our social media pages and website, then shared with all guests directly.

Right To Be Forgotten

Although there are great benefits to receiving our future content we believe that should be your choice and we respect your decision. If the holidays you signed up for have passed then you can request all your General Information and Core Information be erased. You can make this request by contacting us on

We hope you have found our communications useful and continue to support the work we do at Tråvvú. We would love to continue updating you with our travel lifestyle information. We really don't email that often.

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