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Event Service Terms & FAQ

Event Availability

Availability for our events are limited and based on a first come first served basis. Unless specified you must register and complete payment of your deposit to secure your place on our events. If you are having issues processing payments please contact your group leader.

We reserve the right to refuse or accept and/or not to proceed with any booking at any time. Once the contract is made between us we will use reasonable skill and care to perform our obligations to you in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Please note, if the event you are attending is taking place abroad and no flights are provided, you may need to purchase flights and/or transport separately.


It will be your responsibility to ensure you have purchased your flights well in advance of your trip commencing. Flight prices fluctuate and become especially high nearer to the time of flying.

Flight Arrival Windows For Events Held Abroad

In some cases where group leaders have requested flights or transport is not included, your group booking may include free transfers in or to your destination. If this applies to your trip, please refer to the transport/transfer details on your trip itinerary page. There may be a specific time recommended for your arrival.


If your flight is scheduled to arrive within the arrival window but is delayed, we will do our best to wait. After a reasonable amount of time we may need to depart for the hotel and you will need to arrange a private transfer.


If there are no transfers provided or you do not land in the Flight Arrival Window, we will provide you with contact details for a transfer service.

Third Party Partners

Where we organise events or services for a client using a third party, we will endeavour to ensure their competence is at a high standard. However we cannot be held liable for their level of performance.

Travel Documents

It is your responsibility to ensure all Travel Visas or documents required to travel are valid for use before the event commences. All holiday attendees are required to have valid travel insurance for the complete duration of the holiday.

Minimum Age Restrictions

Unless specified, all registrants for our events must be 21 years or above in order to attend a Tråvvú Holidays trip. If you are below the age of 21 please obtain pre-authorisation by contacting your group leader.

Your Health & Safety

The organisers cannot be held liable for any actions you take that cause damage to other people or property. Your safety is always our highest concern. When abroad you are expected to conduct yourself in a way that does not endanger yourself or those around you. Please make an organiser aware if at anytime during the trip you feel you are exposed to a potential health and safety risk.

We ask that you carefully review the itinerary supplied for our events and ensure you are comfortable with all it involves. Should there be any section or activity you would like to be exempt from please make your group leader aware of this.

We would also ask that you inform your group leader of any health issue you feel could arise during the trip and what course of action you would like to be taken.

Payment Schedules

Due to suppliers receiving advanced booking deposits there is a no refund policy for this event.

After registering through the event payment service you will receive a booking confirmation. We will state on the sign up page whether an event can be paid with instalments or in full. If you pay just the registration deposit, there will be a maximum of two further payments required to fulfil your order total. Transaction fees may apply.

Unless stated otherwise, you must have paid at least 60% of the total cost 60 days before your trip commences.

Unless stated otherwise, the full amount must be paid by 45 days before your trip commences.

Failure to maintain these schedules could result in your group leader removing you from the trip. If you have any payment queries please contact your leader with details found on your trip registration page.

Although this has not occurred on any of our trips, in a situation where the price of tourist fees, taxes or other items on or related to our itinerary increase, we may need to increase the price of your event/holiday. Please note, care is taken to ensure contingencies are in place to avoid such an event.

Photography & Film Notice

We always capture our holidays and events to create great photographic memories for our guests. Please note that throughout the event there may be a photographer or videographer capturing media.

Brexit - You may need to renew your passport earlier than planned.


Depending on how the UK leaves the EU, new rules may apply. If a no-deal Brexit occurs, UK Citizens may need to have 6 months of valid time left on their passport when travelling. The decision on Brexit is due this March. If this extra time of validity is required, the Passport office could receive an influx of renewals which may extend the passport renewal period.


To avoid any disturbance to your travel plans it is advised that all UK passport holders renew their passport if their intended time of travel falls within this 6 month period. We advise that you check your passport using the link below.


Please check the validity of your passport by visiting:



Q: Can I invite friends to the iMPACT holidays?

A: Yes you can! All we ask is you make them aware of how the iMPACT community conducts themselves when travelling abroad.

Q: How can I contact the organisers with any questions?

A: For most questions you may want to speak to your group's team leaders directly.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: If your holiday is with a private group, please refer to the terms & conditions on your groups registration page.

More FAQ coming soon.

General holiday enquiries:

Privacy Policy