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Announcing New Travel Show Making Mykonos

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Tråvvú announces a new series set in the most luxurious greek island!

Enhancing Our Ideology with '5 Ways to Play®' and Insiders

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We continue to expand our ideology at Tråvvú by introducing two new aspects to our travel lifestyle.

The Origin of Tråvvú

Press Release

A journey 15 years in the making!

Tråvvú Announces Tråvvú TV, A New Home For Quality Travel Entertainment

Tråvvú® is excited to unveil their newest arm of creativity - Tråvvú TV!

Tråvvú was created to empower people to live a travel lifestyle. A life where visiting new places, exploring new cultures and meeting other like minded people is normal. The journey began with Tråvvú Holidays taking people to beautiful destinations and it continues with Tråvvú TV - ‘bringing destinations to you'.

From today the Tråvvú platform is expanding to include high quality travel shows, all filmed in premium 4K with captions for increased accessibility.

Tråvvú TV™ will support and partner with tourist boards, local individuals and their businesses by highlighting the beautiful aspects of life and culture in the places they call home. Viewers will be educated about our world, discover new travel possibilities and be entertained by the stories and journeys we share!

At the heart of Tråvvú is a desire to utilise creative arts and digital media to benefit of the travel industry. Tråvvú TV is 100% independent meaning all shows are without bias and free from commercial corporate influence.

In early 2023 Tråvvú introduced a refined approach to travel with their 5 Ways to Play®. First in their holidays and now in their new TV shows. So whether you’re into Leisure, Sports, Heritage, Cuisine or Nightlife, there will be a show that features the way you love to play when abroad.

Transmission begins this May. Stay tuned for more updates and follow the journey along our horizon by becoming a Tråvvú Club Member here, following on Instagram or subscribing on YouTube.

The Tråvvú Team.

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