At Tråvvú we always want to give the best travel experiences possible. We strive to deliver quality holidays and itineraries that help people explore the beautiful world in which we live.

After every holiday we ask our guests for honest feedback. Read what some of them had to say.

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“A few friends and I joined a group travelling to Sicily with Tråvvú. An epic week, with an exciting, varied itinerary! I even met my wife on that trip! Would highly recommend!

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Croatia + Sicily + Malta

"As a regular attendee of Tråvvú Holidays, I can personally say each holiday has standout moments. I enjoy meeting other guests and participating in activities the team put together which has been Amazing! My best highlights have been the restaurants, canyoning, hiking, boat trips etc! For any new comers who are looking into these trips, I highly recommend it! 😃🙌🎊🎉✨"

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"I went to Malta with Tråvvú and it was awesome from start to finish! We had the right amount of planned activity and free time. All the planned activities were well organised and good quality. The restaurants we went to at the start and end of the holiday had great ambience, amazing views and of course good food. The team were approachable and very inclusive so even for the people who were travelling alone they were made to feel part of the group. I would recommend booking a trip through Tråvvú and I will definitely be going again."

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The French Riviera

"The Tråvvú Holidays team put together an unforgettable holiday experience and could not have made more effort to ensure that every member of the group was happy and well catered for. Nothing was too much trouble for them - it felt like a bespoke holiday where even the most obscure request would be met if it were humanly possible! I can’t wait for the next trip!"

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Malta + Marrakesh

"Tråvvú Holidays is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and explore amazing places together! I loved their recent trip to Morocco in North Africa where I experienced the taste of the local culture. My highlight was riding the camels while it was super hot outside. I’m looking forward to this year's holidays and having more fun and adventures with my friends, to explore more places and to create new memories."

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Sicily + The French Riviera + Malta

"I love that there's always beach time, good food, and unique experiences! I met new people and made new friends that I feel comfortable being around."

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The French Riviera

"My trip to the French Riviera was absolutely amazing! A beautiful destination where I met new friends and had a wonderful time that is now an unforgettable experience! I also liked how the leadership team work together in perfect harmony."


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