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The Origin of Tråvvú

A journey twelve years in the making!

It began with a group of friends sat in the bustling food Plaza on Oxford Street in the city of London. Amidst the lively chatter and clinking of glasses, a daring idea was sparked: a holiday abroad.

As they sipped their drinks and bounced ideas around, one member spoke up, his eyes alight with excitement. "My uncle has an apartment in Torrevieja," he said. "We could rent a few others on the complex and have the time of our lives!"

Little did they know this off-the-cuff suggestion would be the catalyst for a journey that would change everything. By suggesting this idea, André was unwittingly thrust into the role of organiser and would soon embark on this unforgettable experience that would lead him through an unexpected path.

The origin story of Tråvvú is a tale of friendship, discovery, and the transformative power of travel. Read more on Our Story.

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