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Enhancing Our Ideology with '5 Ways to Play®' and Insiders

This year, we continue to expand our ideology at Tråvvú by introducing two new aspects to our travel lifestyle: 5 Ways to Play® and Insiders.

5 Ways to Play® (5WTP)

The first, is a new way to explore destinations we call our 5 Ways to Play®. The 5 categories of Leisure, Sports, Heritage, Cuisine and Nightlife, offer something for every style of travel experience. From 2023 we’re incorporating this ideology into all our holidays. So whatever way you choose to play, you’ll find something to love on every Tråvvú Holiday you join.


This year, we're also taking steps to highlight the invaluable contributions of the people who make our holidays truly magical. Our strong belief is the individuals who work in the hospitality industry play a critical role in creating unforgettable memories. Without their hard work and dedication, the variety of things to do whilst traveling would be very limited.

Starting today, we are thrilled to introduce a terminology for the amazing individuals who live or work in the destinations we visit: Insiders. These are the people who help us create the authentic and memorable experiences we cherish. To honour their contributions, we will be incorporating their culture into every Tråvvú Holiday itinerary. For example, we will enlist Insiders for our historical tours, allowing them to share their unique perspectives. Our approach not only celebrates the diversity and richness of each destination, but also empowers the Insiders to take center stage in narrating their own story.

We are immensely proud to support these incredible individuals and cannot wait to share more about our continued efforts through the upcoming Project II later this year.

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